Knowing who God is

Many of us grew up with skewed ideas and lessons of who God was. We were taught to fear and tremble before this mighty unseen father before whom we could never do anything right and from whom we always had to hide. I sure viewed God that way.

However to really understand God’s personality it is necessary to first believe in Christ and subject your entire life to Him. After this the emptying of self for God to refill is next. In all of the process it is only from God’s word that we can learn to grow and learn what He expects of us, and the code of conduct for life under Christ’s authority.

Many Christians stop at reading the new testament. However to get a most healthy understanding and knowledge of God the Father it is necessary to read the entire bible. There we will clearly see all the facets of God’s personality He has graciously shown us. From the entire Scripture we will then see for ourselves how wonderful our God is, how brilliant, how wealthy, how kind and merciful and how loving He is. We see how His heart breaks, how He is provoked, how He speaks, how He writes! God is so lovely and adorable! We experience Him more and more and we see how all our previous views of Him were trash!

From reading the old testament our understanding of God will be unshakeable. We learn to trust Him more from His sheer testimonials and past victories. His personality is clearly revealed in the old testament.

God is Love, God is God, and Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the only way to God. To touch God’s heart you must come through Christ.


No exception…

Both the man with his fingers in the public purse
and the man whose mouth can’t do without a curse,
Both need Christ…

Even the child who just told a little white lie,
and the lady whose heart is as a filthy pig sty…
Both need Christ…

He gives alms to the poor but knows not the Lord,
she is a loving mother, but hasn’t encountered the word, 
Both need Christ…

The demon of lust perches on his shoulders,
despite his charity and aids to the ravaged nations beyond his borders…
He needs Christ…

The voluptuous vixen dancing in vile videos,
The farmer’s innocent daughter never mistaken for a hoe…
Both need Christ…

He said he loves you from head to toe,
But all he brings is untold woe…
He needs Christ…


How important is the knowledge of Christ?

Text: Ephesians 4:11-15

“And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;

For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:

That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;

But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ…”

From the reading I see that Christ is very interested in us “knowing” Him, that we may grow into His fullness.

I see that without the knowledge of Him we remain babies and are therefore prone to deception by false teachers.

I learn that without knowledge we cannot become perfect and truly dominate our world.

I see how important the knowledge of Christ is! It is central to everything concerning my life and where God wants me to be!

The devil wins when we stay ignorant. When we refuse to read and pray.

I have learnt in essence that the highest form of  prayer you can pray for yourself and for others is that you all grow into the knowledge and fullness of Christ! Then you will have the world at your feet and heaven in your sights.

This is my prayer for you and me. God bless you.


Anger? Forgiveness? Understanding? Patience?

(My dear people, it has been quite a while. So many things have been happening and preventing me from writing though, not that the desire was lacking. I believe and pray that you are more blessed than always and that this piece meets you well).


Very often I get entangled with the question of offence. I recently read a book by Kenneth Hagin in which he wrote on offence and how it hampers blessings in people’s lives. I got quite fascinated with the subject and decided to read up some more on it. I referred to the scriptures and the words of Christ on offence. He began to teach me the actual depths of offence and why it made no sense to hold on to grudges. Literally.

As I read and asked I understood the more. I saw how the one who holds on to a grudge only imprisons himself whereas his offender may even be unaware that anyone was angry at him. I understood that God forgives us so that we can equally forgive those who hurt us. I understood that offence hinders answers to prayers. I understood that offerings given to God from a heart harbouring offence are as good as wasted.

Anger is a natural emotion. It is normal to get angry. Different things get each of us angry. Anger can be good and anger can be bad. The question however is, what do you do with your anger?

Many children of God do not understand that they are not meant to “stay” angry. This is not to say that they are not to get angry, rather it is to say do not stay angry. Anger in that sense has been removed from your DNA. Vengeance is God’s.

The human heart was not created to harbour anger and offence. It was made to contain it only for a little while at a time. The benefits of letting go of anger are even reaped by the one who forgives. Forgiveness is very important to God and it is highly important that we know this.

The prayer of forgiveness is one that has conditions attached to it. We are forgiven that we may forgive. We are shown mercy that we may show mercy. The one whose life is marked with bitterness does not progress much.

It is so important that Christ instructs us to go and make amends with those we have offended before we bring gifts before God! It is two ways. We forgive. And we apologise where we are the offenders. A heart devoid of anger and bitterness is one that will receive abundant favour from God.

Recently I had to try to understand why I was getting angry quite easily. The more I tried the clearer it became. I was getting angry at the way people around me behaved especially on the road. Drivers care nothing for others in this city.

I like calm. No. I love calm. It is very important to me as a person. I find however that the only way I can maintain absolute calm is by being alone. But how is this possible in this life (or in any other life?)? You get the picture. So, everyday we go out and we interact with people. We share spaces and public utilities. And oh dear, people can be very unbelievably selfish!

So I was getting quite piqued and I slowed down to think. And I “remembered”, that humans will always be humans. It sounds simple.

The conversation below partly reflects my learning on why you and I as children of God should be slow to anger and why we should be quick to forgive people around us in general, friends and foes.

Abdul: When children behave like children does it offend you? I had a thought while driving this morning

Phebe: No. Not at all

Abdul: I had thoughts on dealing with offence. So children being children don’t offend you. Why then do unregenerate people offend us just by being who they are?

Phebe: Hmmmmmm……Maybe because they lack common sense

Abdul: Can they behave better than their innate nature? Could we behave better than we did before we met Christ? Common sense is part of it. But remember humans beings are like sheep. What I got from the thought is that for my own good and safety, since I don’t get offended by children I should not get offended by sinners being sinners. Because I’m supposed to understand since I was once a sinner. And since this is the only way many know how to behave I who understand should not stress myself. When people misbehave I should remember being a parent

Phebe: Thank God for wisdom

Abdul: Thank God

Phebe: The bible actually makes it clear that we are saved by grace and that we were all sinners before

Abdul: Romans 7. Paraphrased: “I want to do good but I find that I can’t. I do what I wish I would not do. But when it’s to do good my mind rejects it and I end up doing wrong” – Paul. This is the nature of some people. Romans 6 talks of being a slave to sin. You know sin is a master. A strong master! It commands the entire person so he does even what repulses him but he can’t stop doing it! Think addiction as an example. I hated many things I did in the past but I couldn’t stop. Slavery to sin. Now we are slaves of righteousness! Same Romans 6! That’s the difference between us and how we were before; them. So rather than judge them, we are to shine our light. After all if there is no darkness, how can light shine? All light will be lost within other light!

Phebe: Such wisdom. God bless you.

Abdul: Amen! And you!

It is my prayer that you are as blessed by this post as I was. God bless you.


Scripture references: Romans 6 and 7. Matthew 5:21-26. Ephesians 2. Ephesians 4:26 & 31-32.

Feelings vs Faith?



Does it feel nice to be all put together and in control of our worlds!

This is hardly the case though as sometimes we have absolutely no idea what is going on. We just live and trust God for directions for the next step.

It is so easy to let our emotions and feelings dictate how we think. We know that our feelings are transient and fleeting. Why then do we allow them to hold so much power over what we confess?

I have been at a place where happiness seems to not exist. I have been with feelings of inadequacy and gloom for no particularly obvious reason for long spells of time. What has kept me going each time was my faith. My faith being my unflinching self-reassurance that God was/is with me.

The thing is, our feelings tend to be so powerful that we give in to them mindlessly and naturally. It is easy to be depressed. It is easy to think bad of yourself. It is easy to focus on our failings. Faith is the opposite however.

God has already declared our identity. Our identity is so certain that nothing can change it. Not even our feelings! However it takes faith to remind ourselves of our identity. Christ is with us whether we feel like it or not. God has forgiven us whether we feel like it or not. We are more than conquerors whether we feel like it or not.

What God has said about you is final. What do you believe though? Which is more important to you; your feelings or your faith?

When you feel down tell those feelings to step aside for your faith. A champion is a champion regardless of his emotions. A winner is a winner whether he feels like it or not. The records speak for him. Same way God’s records speak for us.

I will work my faith. You should too. You may feel low now yet you are not low. Keep your head up and look to the hills!

Colossians 3:1-4. Hebrews 11. Hebrews 12. Romans 12:2.


Original man

“Men are wicked”. “There is no good man”. “Men are selfish”. “Men will always be men”. “Men are useless”…..

You may have heard or read any of the negative statements above at some point or another. You may have actually uttered them yourself. I know I have uttered one or two of them.

During a recent reflection on the nature of man and the state of mankind and the world as it is today with its attendant problems I remembered an article I had read in the past on the nature of man before and after Christ. The article was on the subject of belief in Christ and the rebirth of the natural man. One of the comments on the article struck me. The comment was that if we said that all men have sinned through Adam yet not all men are saved through Christ (except they believe in Him) then Adam was stronger than Christ in that his work (of sin) was of more effect than Christ’s work because no one had to choose to be born in sin yet we all had to choose Christ to be reborn. The point was that since through Adam all knew sin then through Christ all knew salvation whether they chose Him or not, otherwise Adam did more work than Christ.

Well, man is born in sin. He has no choice with that. We (Adam) were originally created in the mold of Christ with all power and glory available to us. We lost it immediately our earthy father (Adam) sinned. His sin separated us from God permanently. We lost the glory and form of Christ with which we had been originally created.

Naturally a child takes after his parents. It therefore became that as Adam was so were his children. Everyone born of Adam thus had Adam’s physiological and psychological makeup. He was sinful. We are his descendants. We are sinful. This is why the world is in the state that it is. We are encouraged to be “who we are”. Lust is glorified. Greed is brazenly displayed. Selfishness is the order of the day. This is simply the manifestation of who we are in our natural state. It is not reason for judgment. Rather it is cause for reflection. The truth is – man cannot be better than his nature: his nature is who he is.

Enters Christ…

God looks at man and looks at Christ on the other hand.
The standard is Christ.
The standard is the man God originally created in the form of Christ.
God contrasts both man and Christ (the original man) and sees the stark difference between Christ and fallen man. God desires that man is restored to his original Christ-like status. He decides what is to be done to achieve this – Christ has to live as a man among fallen men, show men how to live by example, teach men how to love God and their fellow men, then die as the ultimate sacrifice to return man to his original status through His blood. His pure sinless blood was/is the only acceptable sacrifice to God for the remission of sin.

Now Christ’s gift of new life (the original life Adam lost) is available to ALL MEN just as all men are fallen by Adam.

There is a catch however for Christ’s gift to become APPLICABLE to ALL men: it is received by CHOICE and BELIEF. John 1:12. Romans 5:6-21. Romans 3:21-26. Titus 2:11. Acts 16:31.

The gift is freely available to us all, but we must tap into it by choice and belief. It does not work for one who chooses to not be subject to it. We all have a choice to make. God does not impose His will on anyone. Perfect Gentleman ♥

When we choose Christ He begins to live through us. He gives us His pure life with which we then find it easy to please God and be nice and gracious to fellow men. He returns us to the original state in which God created us. He destroys the work of Adam over us. When God looks at Christ and looks at us in contrast all He sees is Christ. There is no longer any difference. Christ is us and we are Christ. As He is so are we. Colossians 3:3. 1 John 4:17.

Our nature directly inherited from Adam is taken over by Christ who replaces it with His life. His power is then immediately available to us fully. 1 John 4:17. Galatians 3:27.

Christ becomes our Father instead of Adam. Everything inherited from Adam is permanently done away with.

There is also no basis whatsoever to compare the work of Adam through sin and the work of Christ through grace. Grace triumphs over sin in all possible ways. Sin is death. Christ is life. No one compares life to death – there is no basis.

Man may be wicked by nature, but the man who has put on Christ becomes Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:17. Wickedness, greed, selfishness and all things associated with Adam’s nature are replaced with Christ’s nature. Galatians 5:22-23.

This is God’s intention for all men. John 3:16-17. This is Christ’s gift to all men.


I encourage you to make the choice today if you are yet to do so. You have everything to gain. Stay blessed.



He can teach me sex??? Hmm…

So I may not know much. But from what I know: sex is beautiful. Yes. I know this. Something tells me you do too 🙂

In the course of the year I have come across several works of fiction. Sex scenes are graphically constructed from the writers’ points of view. Their fantasies are brought to life with words. Scenes range from dance club settings to preferred home settings to beaches, hotels and resorts, etc. Scenes include music, food and other fantasies of the writers. Efforts have been made to make the stories as erotic as possible. Some have failed and some have succeeded. Oh well…

As far as being physical is concerned there are not many things more beautiful or as pleasant as sex. Little wonder it is presented to us daily at almost every turn and at every “opportunity”. From the television to the billboard to music to art… is everywhere and all up in our faces even up to irritating proportions.

By creation sex is to be enjoyed. Treasured. Savoured.

However and very sadly, this beautiful, wonderful pleasurable gift has been badly abused. It is indulged in recklessly, ignorantly and absurdly. It is practiced with the under aged, with persons of same gender, with animals, with self, etc. It has therefore destroyed many, crippled homes and societies, and many have lost their lives thereby.

Someone created sex. And oh dear….what a beautiful person could come up with such a very wonderful mind blowing idea! That person deserves thousands of standing ovations for the sheer display of ingenuity in the creation of sex! I mean, how did He think of that???? *sigh* I fear I digress (lol).

Now sex is sweet and all what not. However it can even be sweeter if it is done in line with its creator’s ideas. Do you agree?

Many times we tend to think that there are things we can’t really pray about because of their “queasy” or “embarrassing” nature. But it really isn’t so. We are the ones who label things in our own minds!

We were made by someone. And He knows everything about us and everything that concerns us. We can therefore tell Him anything and get His own thoughts on it.

He made sex. He made our bodies. He made us to desire sex. He made us with our peculiarities and our preferences. He knows about it all. He knows what turns you on and what turns you off. He knows how “dirty” you like to get. There is nothing hidden from Him.

How about we go to Him to ask what to do and how to do it right? Why do we read magazines and books and follow tv shows for them to teach us how to do best what they did not create? How can they know? (I recently found that two profound sex researchers who got married in the course of their amazing research ended up divorced! And their sexual research forms much of what is commonly known about sex today and has been certified as true. Yet they could not succeed as a married couple).

Why do we let society tell us that we can do whatever we want how and when we want it?

Why do we allow ourselves to be controlled by the desires of our genitals and our bodies?

Are we simply sexual beings or are we far much more than that? Are we better than animals in their mating seasons or are we far above them?

I dare you to talk to your creator about sex (yes) and learn from Him how it is to be done to get the very best results out of it. What are His thoughts on sex? How does He think sex should be handled?

You’ll be amazed at His answers!

God bless you.

Today’s reference: Matthew 6:33. Matthew 7:7-11. Ephesians 5:1-11.