True One…

You, de-light of my world

Your warmth flows through every morning
My sleeping breast heaves in deference to You
My counted breaths through the night give You praise
My innards and soul dance for You in waking

My world from end to end is You

In sleep I worship You; in dreams, victories for You and by You I win
Mysteries unseen do You reveal to my sleepy head
I rise with memories of Your wondrous presence

I look to the horizon, as far as my mortal eyes can see
In all I see You, every thing and being a reminder of Your loving grace
I look at the skies above; I see Your face so loving
In the distance between the skies and the earth I see Your beautiful hands, reflected in time and space
I close my eyes; each time your presence is strong and palpable

In quiet and solitude there You are
I hear Your voice so still
Nudging and urging, “go this way and that My child”

When I am lost at the seas called life
One beautiful word from You and the storms are calmed
Lions and bears may rage against me; armies may encompass me round about
Never are You far away
Never are You farther than a heartbeat away

Day to day You lead me beside still waters

Father and friend You are like none other
If ever I were to give to You
All that I am is insufficient to give to one so true…

My love is all I have
My love to You freely I give
There is but naught else
My love to You freely I give