How important is the knowledge of Christ?

Text: Ephesians 4:11-15

“And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;

For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:

That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;

But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ…”

From the reading I see that Christ is very interested in us “knowing” Him, that we may grow into His fullness.

I see that without the knowledge of Him we remain babies and are therefore prone to deception by false teachers.

I learn that without knowledge we cannot become perfect and truly dominate our world.

I see how important the knowledge of Christ is! It is central to everything concerning my life and where God wants me to be!

The devil wins when we stay ignorant. When we refuse to read and pray.

I have learnt in essence that the highest form of  prayer you can pray for yourself and for others is that you all grow into the knowledge and fullness of Christ! Then you will have the world at your feet and heaven in your sights.

This is my prayer for you and me. God bless you.



Anger? Forgiveness? Understanding? Patience?

(My dear people, it has been quite a while. So many things have been happening and preventing me from writing though, not that the desire was lacking. I believe and pray that you are more blessed than always and that this piece meets you well).


Very often I get entangled with the question of offence. I recently read a book by Kenneth Hagin in which he wrote on offence and how it hampers blessings in people’s lives. I got quite fascinated with the subject and decided to read up some more on it. I referred to the scriptures and the words of Christ on offence. He began to teach me the actual depths of offence and why it made no sense to hold on to grudges. Literally.

As I read and asked I understood the more. I saw how the one who holds on to a grudge only imprisons himself whereas his offender may even be unaware that anyone was angry at him. I understood that God forgives us so that we can equally forgive those who hurt us. I understood that offence hinders answers to prayers. I understood that offerings given to God from a heart harbouring offence are as good as wasted.

Anger is a natural emotion. It is normal to get angry. Different things get each of us angry. Anger can be good and anger can be bad. The question however is, what do you do with your anger?

Many children of God do not understand that they are not meant to “stay” angry. This is not to say that they are not to get angry, rather it is to say do not stay angry. Anger in that sense has been removed from your DNA. Vengeance is God’s.

The human heart was not created to harbour anger and offence. It was made to contain it only for a little while at a time. The benefits of letting go of anger are even reaped by the one who forgives. Forgiveness is very important to God and it is highly important that we know this.

The prayer of forgiveness is one that has conditions attached to it. We are forgiven that we may forgive. We are shown mercy that we may show mercy. The one whose life is marked with bitterness does not progress much.

It is so important that Christ instructs us to go and make amends with those we have offended before we bring gifts before God! It is two ways. We forgive. And we apologise where we are the offenders. A heart devoid of anger and bitterness is one that will receive abundant favour from God.

Recently I had to try to understand why I was getting angry quite easily. The more I tried the clearer it became. I was getting angry at the way people around me behaved especially on the road. Drivers care nothing for others in this city.

I like calm. No. I love calm. It is very important to me as a person. I find however that the only way I can maintain absolute calm is by being alone. But how is this possible in this life (or in any other life?)? You get the picture. So, everyday we go out and we interact with people. We share spaces and public utilities. And oh dear, people can be very unbelievably selfish!

So I was getting quite piqued and I slowed down to think. And I “remembered”, that humans will always be humans. It sounds simple.

The conversation below partly reflects my learning on why you and I as children of God should be slow to anger and why we should be quick to forgive people around us in general, friends and foes.

Abdul: When children behave like children does it offend you? I had a thought while driving this morning

Phebe: No. Not at all

Abdul: I had thoughts on dealing with offence. So children being children don’t offend you. Why then do unregenerate people offend us just by being who they are?

Phebe: Hmmmmmm……Maybe because they lack common sense

Abdul: Can they behave better than their innate nature? Could we behave better than we did before we met Christ? Common sense is part of it. But remember humans beings are like sheep. What I got from the thought is that for my own good and safety, since I don’t get offended by children I should not get offended by sinners being sinners. Because I’m supposed to understand since I was once a sinner. And since this is the only way many know how to behave I who understand should not stress myself. When people misbehave I should remember being a parent

Phebe: Thank God for wisdom

Abdul: Thank God

Phebe: The bible actually makes it clear that we are saved by grace and that we were all sinners before

Abdul: Romans 7. Paraphrased: “I want to do good but I find that I can’t. I do what I wish I would not do. But when it’s to do good my mind rejects it and I end up doing wrong” – Paul. This is the nature of some people. Romans 6 talks of being a slave to sin. You know sin is a master. A strong master! It commands the entire person so he does even what repulses him but he can’t stop doing it! Think addiction as an example. I hated many things I did in the past but I couldn’t stop. Slavery to sin. Now we are slaves of righteousness! Same Romans 6! That’s the difference between us and how we were before; them. So rather than judge them, we are to shine our light. After all if there is no darkness, how can light shine? All light will be lost within other light!

Phebe: Such wisdom. God bless you.

Abdul: Amen! And you!

It is my prayer that you are as blessed by this post as I was. God bless you.


Scripture references: Romans 6 and 7. Matthew 5:21-26. Ephesians 2. Ephesians 4:26 & 31-32.

I run to you

I run to you

When i am lost at sea and empty

I run to you

When I am at the end of my world

I run to you

When the cup of my soul is empty and needs a refill

I run to you

When it is night and all hope is lost

I run to you

When to no else I can turn

I run to you

As the child that I am

I run to you

When I need your shade to cover me

I run to you

When I am bruised and battered on every side

I run to you

When I need a rock upon which to cast my care

I run to you

When I need a friend

When it is all said and done,

I run to you.

One August night

I had no plans that warm August night, but neither did the hills and rivers and the oceans.

I took a ride that night and so did the angels and the stars directly above me.

I took a flight and so did you.
Alas! It was to be the start of our oneness.

I had a dream that night that stars came down and took me up to a place where angels danced and sashayed joyfully for reasons related to me and my tears and voyages down memory lane and the odes and tributes presented in apology, amidst the remorse that spewed from my heart’s lips that August night.

I saw the angels dance and party, celebrating with joy that one once long lost had just been found amidst the ashes of corruption mingled with dust and sweat and tears, amidst remorse for the chaos caused and the warmth from flesh for years stolen from mortal lands and hills of various shapes and colours.

That night I received the picture you painted ages ago on the palette of hearts with words of wisdom laced with grace, of the loving shepherd jubilant over one sheep lost and found regardless of the safety of the ninety and nine!

It was like the heavens opened before me and the eyes of my heart saw the angels in song and dance and joy unrivalled, like they had waited for that moment time and time again and from spurned opportunity to spurned opportunity to seize it, from wager to wager that the lost sheep that I was would someday somehow be found.

I had a dream that night- that the stars watched me in flight, as you by my side and on my inside led flight to heights never before reached, the beauty of which flight mesmerised even the angels whom visions of beauty had always seen.

What you did that night!

You picked me up from the lowest of marshes, reached deep into the messes, past the mesh and rust, past intertwining twigs of dirt and spells of lust and chains of rot that held me bound to the bottom of the overwhelming abyss, past the curses and the sworn death of me by the adversary who had bound me for life to his apron strings to do his death-provoking bidding!

What you did that night!

You descended in flight, past clouds and winds, past layers of skin and bones and blood and tears, you reached deep within to your objective, performed the greatest of surgeries, replaced the evil heart with yours, you broke the chains of hell and yanked me from death’s grip into freedom untold!

You reached deep within and exhumed the stone amidst the debris and residue of shrapnel from all the brutal wars past fought deep within my breast.

You reached deep within and in a timeless space captured all battleground previously lost, hoisted your spotless flag on reclaimed territory for all the world to see.

That night- you left your place of paradise and the praise of worthy angels for the sake of one mortal lost- me.

That night- you came down just for me, past the atmosphere and stratosphere, beyond the stars and all the glow thereof. You reached out for me, you paid me the best and most hallowed visit of my life, lover.

That night- you came because of me, you picked up the pieces of my shattered heart flung beyond a thousand different spots, trodden and trampled upon by mortal and immortal souls near and far; you healed this broken heart piece by piece and made it whole for always.

That night- you took my shame and name and gave me your majestic robes and hallowed name.

That warm August night-

You came just for one mortal lost: me.


Live on sire…

It would have been your birthday today
We would have gathered around you today to say we love you

Many days and seasons ago
We looked into your eyes for the last time

When the light of your eyes left
When your strength faded
When the twilight of your time arrived
I could see you go, feel you go…
Never has that moment dulled from memory

We watched as you boarded your ship as it set sail to your place of rest…
We each held your hand
The anchor of your ship lift off, your hand ever so slowly out of our grasps slipped…
Thus began your journey to rest
And thus it hit home; the hollow you forever left behind none can refill

You would have been a year older today-

Like a giant oak tree at its best; we would have gathered beneath your shade to glean from your pearls of wisdom

As you rest on and live on in our hearts
We celebrate you today and always

With memories of you etched forever in our hearts, we look forward to the day when we will meet again

Rest on sire…




I reflect-
And the gravity of my reflection causes me to shudder-

I navigate through the courses of my mind; I reach into the farthest recesses thereof

I travel to a time past, when the worth of the treasure I bequeath to you was yet unknown to me

“Stolen waters are sweet”, said the twisted voices in my head

Thus was the treasure specially prepared for you my queen, cast before swine

The feast that was your exclusive preserve, errantly garnished and cast to the dogs, time and time again, from land to land I plunged, till myself I lost in the arms of strangers

Invaluable hours with which my soul should have sought you spent on plotting, scheming, on manners with which to further gift your pearls to thieves and plunderers

Your hallowed land, violated, soiled, eroded, plundered and cheaply given away to the unworthy to trample as they pleased…

Hand in hand, I strode with thieves, falsely satisfied, content in the plunder of your treasure for momentary pleasure…

I reflect-
With a heavy heart my love…

For the stolen kisses though sweet, held neither value nor meaning, grossly unworthy to be compared to your hallowed kiss…

The hours lost, your pearls cheapened, your hallowed land laid waste…

Your jewels, unwittingly laid bare before swine, muddied, trampled upon, bruised and battered, bashed to and fro by predators

Until you surfaced my love-

Until you my heart, found and washed, nurtured, caressed, like it had always been worth far above rubies and emeralds untold…

Until you, ever gently and lovingly, wiped the mud from your jewels, set them in a hallowed place, beyond the reach of thieves…you my love, found treasure where others only saw mud and dirt…

Henceforth my love, is your treasure soundly preserved, hallowed, far away from thieves and plunderers

Your feast, specially garnished, jealously guarded with the toughest of locks, not to be had by any other but you my love, fit only for you the finest…

Your treasure chest, your hallowed banquet fit for a queen of your standing, preserved specially for you

And thus I reflect-

This time into the far recesses of the future…this time into the far recesses of my heart…

With hope renewed, with arms outstretched, with glory in view, with you in my sights, I trudge on…to glory…

I reflect-
This time with victory won.



If I could see into your soul, reach deep within to nurture the wealth you breathe while taking nothing away from you

Look deep into your brown eyes, touch your tender heart with my loving gaze, speak the words to you that unleash the beauty of your mind, rock your world from ages past to ages unreached…

If I could reach the uncharted courses of your being, climb every mountain therein, ride the waves of the seas and savour the shade from the trees…

If I could wake up every morning to the rhythm of your breath,like an infant’s footfalls on a warm sandy beach…

If I could, traverse the innermost recesses of your immortal soul, take a soul trip over all your paths, find your core and essence, and yoke my heart permanently thereto until we became one, a singular entity, a fusion of two hearts in perfection of a souls’ embrace…

If I could, symmetrically infuse my being with yours on all planes of mortal and immortal existence, blood cell to blood cell, vein to vein, heart to heart, skin to skin…

I would wake up everyday to the beauty of the memory of you in my dreams and I would fall asleep every night, with the memory of your smile etched before my eyes my love.