Knowing who God is

Many of us grew up with skewed ideas and lessons of who God was. We were taught to fear and tremble before this mighty unseen father before whom we could never do anything right and from whom we always had to hide. I sure viewed God that way.

However to really understand God’s personality it is necessary to first believe in Christ and subject your entire life to Him. After this the emptying of self for God to refill is next. In all of the process it is only from God’s word that we can learn to grow and learn what He expects of us, and the code of conduct for life under Christ’s authority.

Many Christians stop at reading the new testament. However to get a most healthy understanding and knowledge of God the Father it is necessary to read the entire bible. There we will clearly see all the facets of God’s personality He has graciously shown us. From the entire Scripture we will then see for ourselves how wonderful our God is, how brilliant, how wealthy, how kind and merciful and how loving He is. We see how His heart breaks, how He is provoked, how He speaks, how He writes! God is so lovely and adorable! We experience Him more and more and we see how all our previous views of Him were trash!

From reading the old testament our understanding of God will be unshakeable. We learn to trust Him more from His sheer testimonials and past victories. His personality is clearly revealed in the old testament.

God is Love, God is God, and Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the only way to God. To touch God’s heart you must come through Christ.


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