One August night

I had no plans that warm August night, but neither did the hills and rivers and the oceans.

I took a ride that night and so did the angels and the stars directly above me.

I took a flight and so did you.
Alas! It was to be the start of our oneness.

I had a dream that night that stars came down and took me up to a place where angels danced and sashayed joyfully for reasons related to me and my tears and voyages down memory lane and the odes and tributes presented in apology, amidst the remorse that spewed from my heart’s lips that August night.

I saw the angels dance and party, celebrating with joy that one once long lost had just been found amidst the ashes of corruption mingled with dust and sweat and tears, amidst remorse for the chaos caused and the warmth from flesh for years stolen from mortal lands and hills of various shapes and colours.

That night I received the picture you painted ages ago on the palette of hearts with words of wisdom laced with grace, of the loving shepherd jubilant over one sheep lost and found regardless of the safety of the ninety and nine!

It was like the heavens opened before me and the eyes of my heart saw the angels in song and dance and joy unrivalled, like they had waited for that moment time and time again and from spurned opportunity to spurned opportunity to seize it, from wager to wager that the lost sheep that I was would someday somehow be found.

I had a dream that night- that the stars watched me in flight, as you by my side and on my inside led flight to heights never before reached, the beauty of which flight mesmerised even the angels whom visions of beauty had always seen.

What you did that night!

You picked me up from the lowest of marshes, reached deep into the messes, past the mesh and rust, past intertwining twigs of dirt and spells of lust and chains of rot that held me bound to the bottom of the overwhelming abyss, past the curses and the sworn death of me by the adversary who had bound me for life to his apron strings to do his death-provoking bidding!

What you did that night!

You descended in flight, past clouds and winds, past layers of skin and bones and blood and tears, you reached deep within to your objective, performed the greatest of surgeries, replaced the evil heart with yours, you broke the chains of hell and yanked me from death’s grip into freedom untold!

You reached deep within and exhumed the stone amidst the debris and residue of shrapnel from all the brutal wars past fought deep within my breast.

You reached deep within and in a timeless space captured all battleground previously lost, hoisted your spotless flag on reclaimed territory for all the world to see.

That night- you left your place of paradise and the praise of worthy angels for the sake of one mortal lost- me.

That night- you came down just for me, past the atmosphere and stratosphere, beyond the stars and all the glow thereof. You reached out for me, you paid me the best and most hallowed visit of my life, lover.

That night- you came because of me, you picked up the pieces of my shattered heart flung beyond a thousand different spots, trodden and trampled upon by mortal and immortal souls near and far; you healed this broken heart piece by piece and made it whole for always.

That night- you took my shame and name and gave me your majestic robes and hallowed name.

That warm August night-

You came just for one mortal lost: me.



One thought on “One August night

  1. The Joy of salvation.
    Every time I reminisce about how Jesus took away my dirt and clothed me with his robe, I can’t help but be grateful.

    I like this poem a lot. He came for You, For me (on personal levels) and The heavens Rejoice.

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