Live on sire…

It would have been your birthday today
We would have gathered around you today to say we love you

Many days and seasons ago
We looked into your eyes for the last time

When the light of your eyes left
When your strength faded
When the twilight of your time arrived
I could see you go, feel you go…
Never has that moment dulled from memory

We watched as you boarded your ship as it set sail to your place of rest…
We each held your hand
The anchor of your ship lift off, your hand ever so slowly out of our grasps slipped…
Thus began your journey to rest
And thus it hit home; the hollow you forever left behind none can refill

You would have been a year older today-

Like a giant oak tree at its best; we would have gathered beneath your shade to glean from your pearls of wisdom

As you rest on and live on in our hearts
We celebrate you today and always

With memories of you etched forever in our hearts, we look forward to the day when we will meet again

Rest on sire…




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