I reflect-
And the gravity of my reflection causes me to shudder-

I navigate through the courses of my mind; I reach into the farthest recesses thereof

I travel to a time past, when the worth of the treasure I bequeath to you was yet unknown to me

“Stolen waters are sweet”, said the twisted voices in my head

Thus was the treasure specially prepared for you my queen, cast before swine

The feast that was your exclusive preserve, errantly garnished and cast to the dogs, time and time again, from land to land I plunged, till myself I lost in the arms of strangers

Invaluable hours with which my soul should have sought you spent on plotting, scheming, on manners with which to further gift your pearls to thieves and plunderers

Your hallowed land, violated, soiled, eroded, plundered and cheaply given away to the unworthy to trample as they pleased…

Hand in hand, I strode with thieves, falsely satisfied, content in the plunder of your treasure for momentary pleasure…

I reflect-
With a heavy heart my love…

For the stolen kisses though sweet, held neither value nor meaning, grossly unworthy to be compared to your hallowed kiss…

The hours lost, your pearls cheapened, your hallowed land laid waste…

Your jewels, unwittingly laid bare before swine, muddied, trampled upon, bruised and battered, bashed to and fro by predators

Until you surfaced my love-

Until you my heart, found and washed, nurtured, caressed, like it had always been worth far above rubies and emeralds untold…

Until you, ever gently and lovingly, wiped the mud from your jewels, set them in a hallowed place, beyond the reach of thieves…you my love, found treasure where others only saw mud and dirt…

Henceforth my love, is your treasure soundly preserved, hallowed, far away from thieves and plunderers

Your feast, specially garnished, jealously guarded with the toughest of locks, not to be had by any other but you my love, fit only for you the finest…

Your treasure chest, your hallowed banquet fit for a queen of your standing, preserved specially for you

And thus I reflect-

This time into the far recesses of the future…this time into the far recesses of my heart…

With hope renewed, with arms outstretched, with glory in view, with you in my sights, I trudge on…to glory…

I reflect-
This time with victory won.



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