If I could see into your soul, reach deep within to nurture the wealth you breathe while taking nothing away from you

Look deep into your brown eyes, touch your tender heart with my loving gaze, speak the words to you that unleash the beauty of your mind, rock your world from ages past to ages unreached…

If I could reach the uncharted courses of your being, climb every mountain therein, ride the waves of the seas and savour the shade from the trees…

If I could wake up every morning to the rhythm of your breath,like an infant’s footfalls on a warm sandy beach…

If I could, traverse the innermost recesses of your immortal soul, take a soul trip over all your paths, find your core and essence, and yoke my heart permanently thereto until we became one, a singular entity, a fusion of two hearts in perfection of a souls’ embrace…

If I could, symmetrically infuse my being with yours on all planes of mortal and immortal existence, blood cell to blood cell, vein to vein, heart to heart, skin to skin…

I would wake up everyday to the beauty of the memory of you in my dreams and I would fall asleep every night, with the memory of your smile etched before my eyes my love.



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