He can teach me sex??? Hmm…

So I may not know much. But from what I know: sex is beautiful. Yes. I know this. Something tells me you do too πŸ™‚

In the course of the year I have come across several works of fiction. Sex scenes are graphically constructed from the writers’ points of view. Their fantasies are brought to life with words. Scenes range from dance club settings to preferred home settings to beaches, hotels and resorts, etc. Scenes include music, food and other fantasies of the writers. Efforts have been made to make the stories as erotic as possible. Some have failed and some have succeeded. Oh well…

As far as being physical is concerned there are not many things more beautiful or as pleasant as sex. Little wonder it is presented to us daily at almost every turn and at every “opportunity”. From the television to the billboard to music to art…..sex is everywhere and all up in our faces even up to irritating proportions.

By creation sex is to be enjoyed. Treasured. Savoured.

However and very sadly, this beautiful, wonderful pleasurable gift has been badly abused. It is indulged in recklessly, ignorantly and absurdly. It is practiced with the under aged, with persons of same gender, with animals, with self, etc. It has therefore destroyed many, crippled homes and societies, and many have lost their lives thereby.

Someone created sex. And oh dear….what a beautiful person could come up with such a very wonderful mind blowing idea! That person deserves thousands of standing ovations for the sheer display of ingenuity in the creation of sex! I mean, how did He think of that???? *sigh* I fear I digress (lol).

Now sex is sweet and all what not. However it can even be sweeter if it is done in line with its creator’s ideas. Do you agree?

Many times we tend to think that there are things we can’t really pray about because of their “queasy” or “embarrassing” nature. But it really isn’t so. We are the ones who label things in our own minds!

We were made by someone. And He knows everything about us and everything that concerns us. We can therefore tell Him anything and get His own thoughts on it.

He made sex. He made our bodies. He made us to desire sex. He made us with our peculiarities and our preferences. He knows about it all. He knows what turns you on and what turns you off. He knows how “dirty” you like to get. There is nothing hidden from Him.

How about we go to Him to ask what to do and how to do it right? Why do we read magazines and books and follow tv shows for them to teach us how to do best what they did not create? How can they know? (I recently found that two profound sex researchers who got married in the course of their amazing research ended up divorced! And their sexual research forms much of what is commonly known about sex today and has been certified as true. Yet they could not succeed as a married couple).

Why do we let society tell us that we can do whatever we want how and when we want it?

Why do we allow ourselves to be controlled by the desires of our genitals and our bodies?

Are we simply sexual beings or are we far much more than that? Are we better than animals in their mating seasons or are we far above them?

I dare you to talk to your creator about sex (yes) and learn from Him how it is to be done to get the very best results out of it. What are His thoughts on sex? How does He think sex should be handled?

You’ll be amazed at His answers!

God bless you.

Today’s reference: Matthew 6:33. Matthew 7:7-11. Ephesians 5:1-11.



8 thoughts on “He can teach me sex??? Hmm…

  1. @signetseal: Beautifully written and said Maxx. O yes He can teach me all about S-E-X. I know this word would raise the Christian antennae standing stiff but I like the way you wrote about it. We tend to shy away from the obvious – who better to introduce us to S-E-X than the creator Himself. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks guys.

      It’s baffling to see people decide to have closed minds whether Christians or not. God’s word is clear: nothing He made is unclean! I always recommend Romans 14 to Christians. If we will be serious about our walk with God we just have to ask Him for His perspective which is exactly what His word is. Sex is one of His many gifts to man! It is so clean! Lol

      Bless you!

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