Give thanks

It is still unbelievable, that we talk with God Almighty Himself everyday and He talks back to us!

It is amazing that He who made all things for His pleasure wants to share in my day!

It is unfathomable that He cares about every single little thing that affects me!

It is breathtaking that I commune with the One whom I read so much about! It is the same person of thousands of years and zillions of uncountable times and seasons that I speak with!

It is amazing that the busiest person ever takes time  out of His daunting schedule to listen to little me even when I come to Him with flimsy conversations.

It is mind blowing that He knows my name, my thoughts, my prints, the number of my hairs!

It is flattering that He showers all this attention on me!

It is an amazing honour that He fit me into His plans even before I was born.

It is wonderful that His face is turned towards me always with a gentle smile thereon.

It is a wonderful privilege that He embarrasses me with His favour daily.

Blesses with wisdom.
Delivers from shame.
Keeps from falling.
Watches over.

Caters to the needs of the birds and ants and worms daily. Yet He makes time to reach out to millions of people daily.

There are no words to truly describe Him.

Were we to pay for every little act of kindness He bestows on us daily we would be forever indebted. Imagine repaying a debt to an abyss.

All we can do in the end is to recognise what He does in our lives and give thanks to Him.

In every way.
Every time.
With everything.
In everything.

Give thanks. To the one who deserves more than thanks.

He loves you dearly.


3 thoughts on “Give thanks

  1. It’s really amazing that the whole world goes to Him in prayers and He never mixes up our requests. In the midst of that His Spirit chose to dwell in us as frail as we are. Indescribable.

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