Letter to my sister (how do I know him?)


Hello sister.

It is sad that we did not have all the time we needed to talk when we last saw. I hoped to write you what time did not permit me to tell you.

You said you liked this guy you met recently. You didn’t tell me exactly why though I could see it in your eyes that you really did l like him.

You asked me what you should do about your liking him. You said you didn’t mind having sex with him even though you hadn’t yet. You said you had promised him that you would.

You said you knew I would tell you the truth and that is why you were asking me. You wanted to hear what I had to say. Well here it is my dear sister:

I love you. I’ll start from that fact. You know this don’t you?

God loves you far much more than I do. I’m sure you know this too.

Now, when I look at you, I see my sister. I see my friend. I see the beautiful woman that you are. I see the little girl who goes around all grown up and adult. I see the girl who wants to be loved. Understood. Played with. Prayed with. Prayed for.  Treasured. Nurtured. Unhurt. Treated as the royal that she is.

You may not see her like I do but she’s in there within you, seeking expression everyday.

You like this guy. I understand. But does he like you?
When he looks at you what does he see? What thoughts go through his mind? Does he think he can live without you? Does he see a queen or does he see a number added to his sexual conquests and bloated misguided ego?

My sister, what you should do about liking him is nothing. Yes. Nothing. It is not in your place to do anything. I’ll tell you why.

You know God loves you and wants the best for you don’t you? Good.

God made a man, the man God intends for you to help and spend your life with. God made this man and gave him an assignment. A vision. A destiny.

I need for you to first understand that it is not about you. It is not about being hooked or married. It is not about your pleasure or happiness. It is about God’s pleasure.

This man has to first connect to God, find his vision and assignment, and get busy with it. It is between him and his God. He is to be grounded in God. Soaked in God’s presence. Adding value to humanity. Having a job or career or vocation. Mature. Having the knowledge of and a personal relationship with God. Protective of His family. Supportive and caring for his family. A man after God’s heart. Daily chasing the things of God. Focused on giving God pleasure.

You want to ask if such a man exists. Yes he does. He is not a good man. He is a God man.

This man cares about people. He has a heart that has been broken for God. His life is centred around God. He prays. He is focused. He asks God for direction. He trusts God. He does not do anything that is worthless to his vision. Needless to say he is self-controlled. He commands his world. He commands his body. He does not sleep around. He does not even sleep with any. He keeps his body for His bride. He respects her whom he hasn’t met yet.

My sister, this man may not have met you yet but I’m sure he’s praying for you. Praying to meet you. Wondering what you look like. Wondering how you smile. Wondering what makes you mad. He’s not worrying about whether you are good in bed.he’s not worrying about whether you can cook or clean. He’s not worrying about what he can get from you. He’s just grateful for the gift of loving you. Grateful to be the one you say yes to.

My dear sister, I am not painting pictures or fantasizing. This man is out there.

God has planned for you that you will help this man to fulfil his God-given assignment. This is where you come in. Not before. Your being hooked to him is not about your pleasure or his. It is about God’s purpose and pleasure. You will have your pleasure quite alright. But your pleasure is a by-product of pleasing God. You just do not please God and not get rewarded. Nah. He doesn’t work that way! 🙂

Now when your God man comes, will you know? Yes you will.

He will chase after you. He will not rest until he does all he has to do to take you home as his bride. He will seek to bring out the best in you. He won’t keep you guessing. He won’t be after your body. He won’t be about taking from you. He will give to you.He will treat you with love. He will awaken the little girl in you. He will nurture the woman in you till you shine your brightest. He will take you closer to God. Yes. You will know it’s him.

Because your heart will tell you. Your heart and his heart will speak to each other in unbelievable ways. You will not be ashamed. You will know that God loves you and has planned the best for you before you were born.

This man will woo you. He will have conversations with you. He will stimulate your intellect. He will stimulate your spirit. He will bring out your deepest depths. Your most beautiful parts. He will wake you up inside. You will find it hard to think of life without him.

He is not an outward-appearance-only man. He does not care for physical beauty alone. He cares that you are beautiful inside first and that your beauty radiates outwards. He sees with both his eyes and his heart. What’s more, he hears the voice of God. He is a friend of God. God is jealous for him. He is led by God’s Spirit. If God does not tell him you are his he won’t tell you you are his either. If God tells him you are his but to wait he will obey and wait.

This is a man you want. This is a man you need.

For the guys/boys you like, I do not know about them.

But, sister, I believe you should wait. Just wait for your man. It appears time is going but who said so?  Who owns time? I believe you know who.

The man, the real man, the God man, comes to his bride. He finds his bride. She does not find him.

You have no such responsibility. “He who finds a wife finds a good thing”. We are in the 21st century and “times have changed”. This is granted. But my dear, God has not changed. He will never change. Neither will His word or His standard.

I wish I could tell you this in fewer words. I’m glad you get the message though.

All you have to do is wait. And while you wait you burrow your way deeper and deeper into God’s bosom. Hide so deep in there that only God’s man can find you. Hide so deep in there that his heart will find you before his eyes see you.

There is nothing to look for outside of God’s bosom. Stay in there. Be useful to God. Be useful to others.Find yourself. Develop yourself. Pamper your spirit and your body. Make them ready for your man. Stop giving gifts that should be reserved for him indiscriminately to strangers and thieves.

Honour your God with your body, mind, soul and spirit.

And please respect your man by keeping what is his for him. Giving yourself to the unworthy is gross disrespect to your man. I believe you know this but just in case you do not, I’m telling you.

You have to go now. I’ll be in touch.

Your brother.



26 thoughts on “Letter to my sister (how do I know him?)

  1. “my sister, this man may not have met you yet but I’m sure he’s
    praying for you. Praying to meet you. Wondering what you look
    like. Wondering how you smile. Wondering what makes you
    mad.” Lol…. same here. I’m doing same. this has further strengthened my resolve to wait. thank you for this.

  2. Totally cool!
    Mehn I thought I was in space to think this way
    You stole this article out of my head
    But I didn’t intend to write it sha.

    “Ëvery good thing is not a God-thing, trust the Holy Ghost.

    • That is a renovative note for a true salvation seeker. I think ‘am also that man who prays to get that God fearing woman almost everyweek. Make urselves available for God to bless u.

  3. Truly amazing. How I all my sisters in the house stumble into this. I pray too that God should make me this God-man. God bless you brother.

  4. Very good over ten.I can tell U Men with such disposition are still living.if u understand the truth you would always detect a lie,the problem is that we fail to understand that there’s something more to it than it meets the eye.after you achieve sometin there’s always sometin next..have u ever wondered why God made the man from the soil and not the woman?.it is because the purpose of a man is likened to that of a foundation.the type of foundation you construct determines the kind of building it will carry..is it a sandy or a rocky foundation?…if u build your house on a sandy or rocky foundation it will be tested in time…ladies up to you,u need insight so that you don’t regret..pls,digest that letter up there,it’s not ordinary.

  5. Oh Beautiful!!! How beautiful!
    I have been greatly blessed and encouraged and in turn God bless you! Keep voicing, Keep talking, Keeping breathing,Keep speaking, whatever God has placed in you heart! This words of wisdom. Kai!!! I don’t know if am the only one feeling ths excited. I have to stop talking now! 😀

  6. cant believe all these realy exis but thank God they do. Am all ways having issues with men and they end up insulting me dat am greedy with wat was giving to me freely. Dnt knw wat to do any more. And av desired to wait for my God man.

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