Gisting with Dad…

Hello people. It’s really been a while. A lot has been going on with me really, not that my desire to write is lacking. I have missed reaching out to you. I trust God that you are all great.

I was moved to share some thoughts with us on prayer.

Over the years one felt prayer was some kind of boring chore. As kids we were asked to pray before eating. We were woken up every morning to pray and read our bibles. We were asked to pray during church services and aggressively too. I recall too vividly the loud voices over the public address systems in our churches bellowing “open your mouth and pray!” like failure to open one’s mouth would lead to some kind of banishment to damnation or capital punishment.

Fast forward to the present and post some life-transforming experiences of God.

Prayer has taken on a whole new dimension. It is looked forward to. It is done at the slightest whim. It is done short. It is done long. It is enjoyed, craved, cherished.

It occurs before a purchase is made no matter how little the item. It occurs before decisions are made. It occurs with smiles. It occurs with tears. It occurs as randomly and as often as ever.

It occurs standing, sitting, lying. Whatever body position. In the kitchen, bathroom, car, room, wherever.

It is done on any and every subject. Incidents at work. Business. Siblings. Friends. Strangers. The church worldwide. Suffering kids. Marriages. Future families. Etc.

It is done with gratitude for the opportunity to do it. With gratitude for the One being prayed to. With gratitude that no animals are to be killed and their blood presented. No burnt offering. No priest. Just one and his darling, awesome, most powerful, sovereign, absolutely-loving Father.


And while it is on, nothing else matters but the time spent with Him. No hurries. No worries. No deadlines. Nothing matters but to hear His gentle voice in response to one’s voice.

Prayer is such a beautiful, wonderful gift. There is just no substitute to sitting/lying at the feet of the King of kings knowing that His handsome face is turned towards you with all the love you can never truly imagine!

Please utilise this gift if you do not. And if you do, may you enjoy it even more! The benefits are yours to reap.  You’d be amazed at how easy it really is to pray, just talking with your best friend as He’s there with you.

Stay very blessed and be sure that God loves you to bits and really enjoys your attention.




8 thoughts on “Gisting with Dad…

  1. Oga monarch designs, I simply love this! Straight to the point! No bends….very apt! Thanks for sharing and also for having “our time” finally!!

  2. Praying to God is really refreshing. And best part is I can do it anywhere and at anytime. I don’t have to shout and vibrate my whole body to pray to my God. He’s always with me…..He’s not far away.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome piece, God bless you.

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