Thank You…


For the sun…
The moon and stars
The rivers and the lakes
The trees and the grass
The skies and the seas
The animals and the insects
The hills and the mountains

The wind
The rain and sleet
The lightning and thunder
The snow and the hail

The flowers and the fruits
The sand and the stones

Thank You

For the hairs on our skins
The hairs on our heads
The palms of our hands
The thoughts of our hearts

Thank You

For making us at all
For making us in Your likeness
For senses to comprehend You
For senses to appreciate Your works
For the ability to comprehend Your glory

You could have made us ants or mice
Yet You made us like You
You could have not made us at all
Yet You did
With all these gifts and Your promises in tow

For every breath
Thank You

For every sight
Thank You

For every step
Thank You

For Your glory
Thank You

For what You stand for
Thank You

For everyday
Thank You

For everything…
Thank You.



4 thoughts on “Thank You…

  1. Lovely!!! I love this piece! Beautiful reminder of the many many many things I’m thankful for and should continue to be thankful for. More grace! Don’t stop writing, God’s grace flows when your pen meets paper. Well done!

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