Whose time?


I see him around a lot.

I see him around the office and on the street. I see him at meetings and at parties
He seems to always have one question for me. Me me me.
I do not see him asking anyone else. I do not want to believe I am the only one he ever asks.

Can we see and talk about all things else for once at least?

When he asks me I tell him I am waiting for the right time.

He believes that he knows that it is already the right time. I do not agree however.

“When will it be, young man?” he queries.
“I do not know sir” says I.
“Time is running out” says he.
“No, not for me it is not”.
“What exactly are you waiting for?”
“The right time. The right place. The right things. I am not easily satisfied. Random things do not work for me. I know what I want and will easily recognise it when I see it. This is clear I hope”.
“You young men always feel so smart”.
“Oh we are not? You were once like us though, no?”
“It is time, young man”.
“No sir, it is not”.



10 thoughts on “Whose time?

  1. I am the one always asking, when is the time? Time is running out
    And He says, your times are in my hand and I say yes dad.
    Cos He has never been wrong before
    When we argue or disagree I am the one who comes up wrong
    I want to learn to obey Him immediately He speaks and not have to
    discover that He was right no matter how right I may have seemed at the time.

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