Are you out there anyone?

Ever had that feeling where there is something deep inside of you that wants to scream?
Ever felt such powerful emotion that you cannot put into words?
Ever felt an invisible face or person watching you, spurring you to express your innermost feelings?
Ever felt a deep connection to something outside of you yet inside of you, something very big, larger than life, so powerful you cant explain it?
It rips you up from inside…melts you
Makes you want to shout, scream at the top of your voice, yet no words form in your throat…
Ever felt this yearning, this yearning for an intangible force that feels like you belong to it…?
Where you want to say things but the feelings within you are so deep that no words can adequately convey what you feel inside…
Ever felt like the source of your life was in a room with you, so close that you could feel it yet not touch it?
Ever felt that connection, where it feels like your heart is communicating with another heart without you uttering a word?
Ever felt so deep you could do nothing but cry for the sheer weight of the power within you?
Ever felt so much awe for this source of deep power that you could not express your gratitude in words?
Ever felt extremely joyful one moment and utterly sorrowful the next?
Ever felt love, so deep it makes you cry?
Ever felt gratitude, so strong it held your tongue?

Could I be alone? Is there anyone out there who can relate? Is there anyone who understands these words? Who has felt these feelings?

My eyes cannot see it, but I know there is someone so much bigger than me who I form a part of
My words cannot explain it, but I know there is someone, from whom my life flows
There is a force, a power so deep, so immeasurable, from which I exist
I can taste it. I can feel it in my heart. Deep down in my bones too.
I know there is someone in the room with me when I cry
I know there is someone evoking these deep powerful emotions within me
Someone for whom my soul reaches out…
Someone for whom my heart yearns…
Someone who melts all my defenses…
Someone who owns me, gave me the life I have…the air I breath…and still gives me
Someone who makes my blood course through my veins…
Someone who watches me…carries me…never leaves me
Someone who keeps me from harm
Someone who watches me when I sleep…who wakes me up…
Who sends me on my way everyday and keeps my feet from stumbling
Who corrects my mistakes…
Who promises me that things will get much better
Who hears everything I say…sees everything I do
Who reads the thoughts in my heartSomeone who is so intertwined with me that I can hide nothing from…knows everything I feel…knows what I am about to say before I say it
Someone who understands me better than I understand me
Someone who cares for me so deeply, whose love for me reduces me to tears
Someone who I cannot see, yet I am in so much awe of
Someone who toys with the child in me…makes me laugh when no one is near and makes me so giddy with emotions I break down in tears in awe of
Someone who makes me know that it is ok to be a child…someone who makes me cuddle up at night
Someone who makes me want to be in sync with nature…right down to what I ingest daily
Someone who loves me to bits…with a breathtaking, unfathomable, incomprehensible, utterly powerful love
Someone who I occasionally hurt…who I provoke to tears…
Someone who loves me so deeply it makes him cry too…
Someone I can talk to at anytime of the day…tell just about anything that comes to mind or bothers me after which I know it will be fine
Someone who I ache to see with my physical eyes…just a glimpse of his face will do

Can anyone understand me? Am I alone?
Does anyone out there feel this deep source of life around them?
Is it just me?

Am I imagining things?



11 thoughts on “Are you out there anyone?

  1. Omg!!! Brought tears to my eyes.
    GOD is really awesome. I love him with my whole being.
    You’re not alone Maxx.
    Thanks for this wonderful pieces. God bless you.

  2. Aww! Now this was a powerfully fresh peice. It spoke to me in such a refreshing way about the many many faces of God through all my seasons. I could literally imagine myself in several of those scenarios, surely, you are not alone.
    God bless you for this peice and continually grace your fingers when they hit your keyboard.

  3. GOD is indescribable
    Yet awesome
    I would not be anything without Him
    He’s my essence and
    I am awesomely grateful that He drew me to Him
    And wouldn’t give up until I was in Christ
    And gifted with the Holy Ghost.

  4. Aha! Deep and intense! Someone who loves us too much to leave us the way we are! Indeed its from His heart through yours! Your heart has poured out and I feel you saying like Jeremiah, His words are shut up in your heart like fire shut up in your bones!weldone!

  5. This is beautiful! I can so relate. Sometimes things happen, and you know that if it were not for that invisible hand, you would have been a goner. It is such a comfort to know that He is there, and near-the lover of our souls. It is such a privilege and honor to be called by His name. Awesome, awesome! Thanks for sharing this.

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