The Greatest Love ever told…


The greatest love story ever told

Try as we may, it never gets old


The Sovereign in His infinite wisdom, mercy and grace, made a decision

“Let us make man in Our own image and likeness” said He.


Thus the love story began


With the highest display of creativity and functionality

That till this day cannot be equaled was man formed.

In the likeness and form of the Creator Himself!

With the breath and mark of the King of all kings!


His mandate, to rule

To oversee the splendid creations of the Master Crafter

To commune face to face with the Founder of all

In glory to rule


Life was beautiful

Man was whole, beautiful. His companion, splendid

Works of art

In full glory before the Father


No harm or pain or sickness heard of

Neither death nor hassles



The tempter arose!

And man took the fall and blamed his dame


With heads bowed in shame were they banished

From the presence of the Source of life

No apologies tendered

Shame prevailed


Sin, the order became


A common slave to his base desires did man become

Sickness and death, man’s bedfellows

Darkness and disconnect from the Source

Emptiness and weariness, permanent struggle


But the heart of the Sovereign, ever so tender and full of mercy,

A plan devised.


“Let man return to me; who, this great task will undertake?”


A gentle voice; a heart so meek

“I will go, send Me” said the Master’s Son


“You will go and be ridiculed and disgraced? Live destitute and devoid of Your throne and crown?”

“I will go” said He.


Thus was the price was paid

At the highest cost to the King

The blood of His Own, shamefully spilled

By the very man He sought to redeem


The goal…Man’s return to the King

The cost…death to the King…


What love indescribable!

How the King loves man!

How eager He is to see man fulfill his mandate

Never has His love waned

Though His temper man has daily provoked

Yet His love furiously blazes

Love unconditional


“I know the plans I have towards, you, thoughts of good and not evil…”

“It is My desire that none should perish but that all should come to repentance…”

“Come to Me with your burdens and I will give you rest…”

“Ask anything in My name and you will receive it…”


On and on He woos…


Daily speaks He…

Through the winds…through the birds…through the flowers

His angels sends He to intervene here now…there then…


Yet man labours in futility…head bowed in shame…slave to base desires…


The message…the same since the fall of man…

“Come to Me…come to Me…”

“Be all you can be…”

“Have dominion on the earth…live above your base desires…control your world…”


Still man trudges to destruction…with ignorance…with glee…

Provoking the Lover to wrath

Yet chance after chance He gives

Yet radically He loves…

Lover like no other…Friend like no other

Father bar none…

God…of ages past…yet the same


Awake mankind!


How long will kings live like slaves because they lack knowledge?

How much longer will base desires be in control?

Awake o man!

Your King awaits!

The king in you awaits!

Your purpose awaits you!

How long will you slumber?

Arise and accept the love for which you so desperately seek!

Arise and give praise!

Give your love story its only befitting finale!

Waste time no longer!

Experience love so true!

It is yours for the asking

It is freely given by the Giver of good

Give the Lover your love that He may multiply it in bounds and rain His on you in uncommon fashion…

Taste love without borders o man…

Love radical…Love divine…Love true…Love pure…God…Love…





12 thoughts on “The Greatest Love ever told…

  1. No one is more glad for His love than I
    Without His love, I was withered
    I came alive when His life came and supplanted mine
    I blossom in His presence
    Outside of His presence I don’t exist!

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