He does it big…


How You splurge
How nothing is ever too big for You to spend
If it must be done it must be done regardless of the cost
Only the best is good enough for You

With a straight face You proclaimed
“If I am hungry I will not tell you. I won’t drink the blood of goats or eat mutton. The cattle on a thousand hills are Mine to do with as I please”
You don’t mince words

Never will You go anywhere uninvited
No! You are too big for that!
Never will You show Your handsome face where You are not celebrated!
When You move even Your Own essence sings Your praises!
What a Glorious One You are!

The I AM
King of kings, President of presidents
LORD of lords, LORD of Hosts!
Bright and Morning Star
The Holy One of Israel

Your throne is laced with precious stones with which the earth is not blessed
Your streets paved in gold the quality of which makes earthly gold cringe in shame
The finest things; music too fine for mortal ears, around You plays, all day everyday
Little wonder You need none
Little wonder You respect none

“Give Me thanks and praise” is all You ask
Do You deserve it? Completely! Absolutely!
Your works show this too clearly

All creation announces Your presence
Down to the stones
All things to You give glory and praise daily and nightly
You do it big
No cost is too much

The earth is Yours with all its fullness
The seas and all that are in it!
You do it big! You splurge large!
No corners ever cut
All is Yours
The earth, Your footstool
The finest taste, to You belongs!


17 thoughts on “He does it big…

  1. Great compassionate, big God who comes down to favour frail man
    and give goodness only towards man
    How you stoop low to favour me
    I worship you in the beauty of Your holiness
    Your wisdom is past finding out
    Why You do what You do, I will never understand
    But I thank You and I am grateful to You
    Thank You Abba.
    (I touch Your feet in greeting)
    I honour You!

  2. Psalm 50:10-12! He needs no permission 😀 So great He is and still He made provision for our reconcilation in all His wisdom! I’m humbled and I bless Him… Nice one 😀

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