When I met you

Time stood still
Nothing mattered
Outside of that moment in time
Nothing else made sense

You laughed…I shuddered
Awestruck… Oh the beauty of the sound!
Of what use is denying that you struck my very core?
You shook my roots to their deepest depths

When you moved it was as leaves swaying by a gentle evening breeze
Your eyes…quiet, deep, gentle, caressing
Your nose, beautiful as ripe apples
Your cheeks, as soft mounds of smile

When you spoke I was transfixed
Your voice, as beautiful as the words you spoke!
I saw beauty
I heard beauty
I saw the hand of the Master Artist

In you, outside of you…
Beauty was redefined forever in these weary eyes
He made…for His glory…you…
Angel in human covering

It all made sense…the pieces connected
This, all my heart ever deeply yearned for unknown
This, I have longed for since I became
This, too good to be true…

Vision set, clear as crystal
Reality sank, made it clear that I was not worthy
To be loved by one so beautiful
That I may not by foul deeds taint one so lovely

But for the Master’s mercy
No male mortal is worthy of you
Angel in human covering
No. Man cannot love such beauty aright by his strength and wisdom alone

You are forged of the finest flames
The rarest breed
Perfect sculpture
Pottery of the finest sort

A vessel unto honour
A vestibule of glory
A testament to art
A song for weary souls

A mirror of your Father
An oasis in a parched desert
Beauty within…beauty without
You…angel in human covering

When I met you
Life changed forever



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