Can we love God too much?


– Can we love God too much? 

We may have pondered on this question at one time or another. I have not however (not that it may not have crossed my mind but I did not dare ponder on it as i knew the answer already). Now considering that I did not exactly ponder on it you may wonder how I have come to write on it.  

Sometime not too long ago after my life started ((not at 40) when I accepted God’s call) I was waxing lyrical about God to this dear friend of mine with whom I had held all sorts of conversations up to that point. So, here I was, all enthusiastic, flowing, sharing with her about His undending love, mercy, grace, repentance, newness, the whole works. In the middle of my lines she cut me short abruptly with several disapproving questions and comments among which was “your own is too much, you are not the only Christian, there were others before you, your own is too much, I dont understand you anymore…”. You may imagine my shock at her outburst. This was my first introduction to the question, “Can we love God too much?” 

Many times we profess love to our friends, family, spouses, etc. We all have some idea of what love is. Love can be defined by almost anyone to be almost anything. From the start of my life (cue above) I can boldly say that my perspective on love has been radically redefined. So much so that I look to both the past and the present and am completely amazed at the disparity between my previous ideals and the present. It is as though the previous views I held belonged to someone else (indeed they did). It is from the present perspective that I intend to attempt to answer the question above. 

–          God is love. For anyone to properly love he must first know God. 1 John 4:7-8. 

Is it possible to love God too much?
Is it possible to love the King who left His throne of incomparable wealth and glory, to become a wanderer and die shamefully by the hands of false accusers, for a worthless people, too much?
Is it possible to love too much, the Sovereign who decided to create us for whom He had no need, in His own image and likeness?
Is it possible to love too much, someone who loved me even before I was born?
Is it possible to love too much, someone who had already laid out the best plans for my life even before I was born? Someone who catered/caters to all my needs?  

Let us consider the following story – 

It was a day like any other. Jesus Christ was with His disciples and others, teaching, when a lawyer in the crowd asked him the question, “Which is the greatest commandment in the law?” Without mincing words, His answer was- 

“You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment”. Matthew 22:34-38. 

Looking at this commandment only there would be no further need for discussion on the subject. It does not get any clearer.  

We can see that it is actually a commandment to love God with ALL that we are. 

The truth is that we do not meet up, we try to. However even if we did meet up it is not something to take pride in, as we would merely be meeting an obligation, obeying a command, for which we need not be given any extra credit. Wow! 

“Is it possible to love God too much?” is answered by “Love the LORD your God with all your heart, and with all your…” 

This is exactly how to love God. Nothing less. So if I talk about Him all day long, sing praises to His name, would it be too much? If He featured in all my conversations, would it be too much? I think not.

In Deutoronomy 6:5 we are told to love God with all our hearts, all our souls, all our might (strength).

Deutoronomy 10:12, the question is asked, “What does God require of you?” and the answer is provided: fear God, walk in His ways, love Him, and serve Him with all your heart and with all your soul.

Deutoronomy 11:13; 13:3; 30:6. Joshua 22:5. 

As if this direct command was not direct enough, the great king Solomon further buttressed the point in Ecclesiastes 12:13 where he said- “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: fear God and keep His commandments: for this is thewhole duty of man”. Wow! 

The God I know does not accept scrap gifts. 

He is the King of kings, the One who enthrones kings and dethrones kings.  

He demands the best at all times and nothing less. His tastes are of the highest quality. 

He is a jealous God. His name is Jealous. 

He is either God of all or God of none. 

He does not share His glory. 

He is a perfect gentleman. He does not go where He is not invited. He does not impose His will on anyone.

He demands complete worship (that we worship Him and Him alone). 

He created you and He created me and the entire universe and everything in it. (Psalms 50). 

If He asks us to love Him with all that we are, is He asking too much? Does He not deserve it? 

If He is asking to be God in our lives, is He asking for too much?

If He asks for full control and not joint control, is He asking for too much? 

If He asks for total love with our entire being and essence, can we then love Him too much? Is it possible to use the phrase “too much” where service to God is concerned? 

As for me and my house, we will declare His goodness every day of our lives and it will never be enough, much less too much. I know what He has done for me and I know who He is. Psalms 34:1. Joshua 24:15. 

How about you? Will you love God “too much”? 

Stay blessed. 



5 thoughts on “Can we love God too much?

  1. So be it.

    We cannot love Father too much, nay we love Him too little! Someone might ask, “Why should I love Him, why should I worship Him, why should I give my best and my all to Him?” The answer is simple, “We love because He FIRST loved us ~ 1 John4:19”. His love for us is the koko. When we know and re-know how much He loves us all, we will love Him and love everyone else.

    Thanks for the post brother, tis a great reminder to love. Cheers.

  2. you are on point my brother. His love is so super intense that our minds can’t even comprehend it. How do you repay such love? We truly cannot, so loving Him with our all is the least we can give back to Him. When we do we would equally love our fellow man whom we can see.
    God bless you. Cheers.

  3. indeed, we cannot outlove God. i am loved by God will all that i am. that is all that matters. thanks for this post, maxx and for following. blessings heap!

  4. Dear Maxx, you go!!! I get so much flack for my extreme love and devotion to God, and you have stated all i know to be and do here. God is my everything and expounding on the majesty of Him and His Grace and Mercy never get’s old. I love this and love you for writing this out. His Love cannot be outdone, but we sure can try!

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